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Freelancing is broadly defined as working for a wage. When you visit freelancer website, you will find a sea of humanity called freelance writers ready to take writing project from clients. Getting a job in this website require some little effort and experience. This is the only reason why you may require guidance from those who are already working online or sign up for training. In addition after you have signed up to work as a freelancer you will need to market yourself so as to get attention from a potential client. The only finer thing about freelancing as a beginner is that you do everything from home including training; Contrary to looking for a conventional 8-5 job in Kenya.

Looking for a job nowadays is expensive,and fruitless no matter how competent you are. The funny thing about looking for jobs in Kenya is that the more application you make the longer it takes for you to be called for an interview.

Common Freelancing Jobs

1. Article writing- this field needs those who are talented to creative writing. The field needs finer writing skills. Investment of your effort is required. You can write and sell already written articles or clients may contract you to write articles for them. This is the widest online writing field. You cannot be writing everything. For more information visit this website 

2. Academic writing- this is also called technical writing. All graduates have this skill including those awaiting graduation. This is the easiest freelancing work. It is also easy to get this job although meaningless competition exists because everybody can do the job as long as you went through university. It is this competition which makes it according to me poorly paying.

3. Affiliate marketing- I would like to leave this field for those who took their career in the business field to explain and explore it. For more information about this jobs visit this website

4. Data entry- You have hard about this kind of job. Learn more about it in the freelancing website provided in the beginning.

The above four areas are not the only ones you can find work.  You can be an entrepreneur online and employ us too. I will be glad to work for you online. For a good example of online business visit this website http:/

While this website cannot explore all online opportunities, I only made to ignite you. Remember working online has its own unique goods and perils. Soon I will be writing about challenges we face as beginners. This will include the famous online scam ever heard of it? Before you start working as a freelancer you need full knowledge about scam.



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