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Welcome to work online where you earn according to your efforts. You know online work exists but you’re taking too long to start working. Well, if you’ve a little work online, you can take long to start online work. On the other hand, you may have heard from a few friends that online work is hard. Of course online work is hard enough but if you have the minimum requirements, you’re good to go.

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You Can Earn Online Only if You Work

Why do I say this? I say this politely because I have been working online for quite sometimes and you can believe me. In Kenya hassling is the talk of the day, same case online. Do you expect to sit in front of your computer and start diverting money to your account? Of course, if that is the case, that work wouldn’t exist and no one could have told you. Sitting in front of your computer comes with a cost including, bundles (enough), time and commitment. If I have been working online for a year, still I don’t find work easy, what about you a newbie? Your gate way to working online is finding a friend who is in the business or a coach to start you over. Although you need training, some of the training is free. If you’re thinking of working online, just compare yourself with me and decide where to start and what to do.

What Comes After You Start Working Online?

You can start working online even today. You can even get a job even this hour. Although some technical online jobs will require applications (Proposals), some like article writing are instant. I mean you can start working online today writing articles. No applications, just sign up. These one’s don’t require you to apply but register with your favorite site and start writing. Anybody on earth with a computer and internet connection can write and sell and earn from article anytime of the day. The question is if you’re new to this field do you think you can do better than the rest of us who sleep, eat and live online.

Okay when you here of online work, please don’t rush. Utilize free services to get a knowhow and then proceed to work. There is enough work online for everybody. However, you know experience is the best teacher. Even a one day experience will get you enough work.

Who Pays You?

You’re wondering who will pay you! Okay! Online is online everything is online including jobs, bosses, workmates, banks and credit cards. Technology is here to take us far. When you’re working online, the system will pay you. However, it’s your duty to collect the paid money from your platform work account. The most efficient way to collect wage is having it sent to PayPal. This is an online bank that all of us use. Of course the only way to withdraw from this bank is through you Master Card Credit Card. Again this is found online, which you must apply. The easiest ways to learn do things online is go to a blog and ask friends. If you think your friends aren’t working online, you’re terribly wrong because they’re but it’s only that they don’t want to tell you.

Online comes with many free things that saves live. If you knew me, I have got solace online after hassling in Kenya job market with 2 degrees in the hand. Do you have two degrees and you’ve never got a job. Okay, believe me you. I am live you can chat with me, and let me show you how to make money online. Am not promising a huge money, so don’t ask how much. Why? Because you’re the one who is working and you should know how much you want to earn.

The only good thing I can guarantee you on working online is that, there is enough for all Graduates in Kenya. If you have a degree (any), please don’t go looking for a job in the newspaper. There are no jobs there, just come with me right now and start working online right a way

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