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Why Lack of Jobs in Kenya Should be Good News




Are you a graduate with no job in Kenya?  Lack of opportunities in the country should be good news after reading this article. Nevertheless with the availability of the internet; it is time you tried to think of online job (or the famous freelancing). When you type this word in a search engine 261 000 000+ results will appear. Now tell me with this kind of result will you miss work to do? While online work is occupying minds of many in Kenya, so are openings of the same opportunities.

Many of the employers online:  individuals, companies or freelancing will tell that what you need to qualify for the job is only a connection to the internet. Remember that online work means internet connection therefore internet connection is not the only thing you need. Think of how long you have been surfing and come across many jobs in Kenya’s local advertising media. Have you ever been invited to an interview after applying for those jobs? Think of your friends who have 100Mbps internet connection in their home and are not working online.

What You Need to Get Online Jobs in Kenya.

ü  Skills: For you to clinch an opportunity online more than one skill is needed. You already have this from college. What you need to emphasize is how to put your skills into use online. Just like jobs in Kenya are highly competitive so is only opportunities. Your skills are your online success.

ü  Time: A substantial amount of time is needed to start working online. Some will need training while others will need setting up your own account to sell services to people online. Remember that many people have already signed up for these soft online jobs. You need to compete with them.

ü  Interest: Developing interest to work online is as good as how to use your talent. Put your talent online. You will find out that those who are already working online are moving from one job to another to gather true returns. I say there is also job hoping online.  Develop strong interest and you will not be far from signing up for online jobs in Kenya.

ü  Training: You will get your online working niche easily if you rely on a coach/trainer or buy an e-training manual. If you have a friend/friends (me) who are already working online ask them to train you. You can also consider coaches who have been working online for long and now they have training sessions for beginners. Having an online training session come with a fee, but it is affordable.

Conventional job search in Kenya today is fading out, time wasting and not motivating. Try online jobs and you will learn how to steal a train and nobody will follow you to reclaim it. Remember that there are millions of jobs online and millions of us have signed up to do them.  Join us and lack of jobs in Kenya will be good news to you: We will be glad to share with you how and where to start from. Contact us.

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